Yoga is one of great tools we have to help us navigate the waters of life. Whether those waters are calm or full of turmoil, it's important that we maintain our practice. Even coming to the mat once a week will benefit mind, body and spirit.

Even though the studio must close for the next while, we can still continue to be together online. It's definitely not the same but it's the best we have right now. Energy is not bound by the room we are in, so although we are practicing online in our own spaces, our collective energy is reaching out to all. In this virtual way we can offer each other support, smiles and love. 

If you're not used to practicing yoga in your home, it can feel a little daunting to start. One of the reasons we go to a studio is for the dedicated space that allows us to be away from people and things that can distract us. Children, spouses/partners and pets can add to the challenge but they can also add to the experience. Why not try sharing your practice with your loved ones? Yoga doesn't have to be so serious!  

It also doesn't require a dedicated room (but if you have one, that's great). All you need is space to unroll your mat and your intention to practice. Some days that means sitting on the mat and breathing for 5 minutes. Some days it's a full 90 minute practice. What's most important is that we set the intention to come to our mats. After that, be guided by your intuition and move your body however feels good or find an online class. You also don't have to practice everyday but it's a great idea to set a time every day for a wellness activity that nourishes you.


Simply put, we aren’t all naturally flexible. Quite often we don’t look like the yogi on the cover of the magazine. Bodies come in all ages, shapes and sizes and some have injuries and limitations. Our yoga practice is meant to be a wellness-inducing experience not striving for an end goal. There is no benefit in struggling to ‘get into a pose’  or push ourselves in to a shape that is very uncomfortable or potentially injury-inducing.

Yoga props offer a wonderful opportunity to meet your body where it is in a particular moment in time. They help us to find more stability, space and freedom in poses. It’s a great chance to get creative about the best way to bring your body into a pose at any particular time. And when it comes time to relax at the end of your practice, props can take us to that next level of “Aaahhhh”.

Of course you can use whatever you have on hand to support your practice - pillows, towels, blankets - get creative! However, if you find yourself wishing you had a round bolster or foam block, we've got you covered. Working with our supplier Halfmoon in Vancouver, we've put together different prop packages to help you make the most of your practice. You can also order other lovely accessories like eye pillows and sandbags. Check out our videos showing you many different ways to use props. 

Ready to deck out your yoga space with props? Send us an email and we'll get you all set up.