Class Descriptions

Flow & Strength

Flow & Go Core
Forget the crunches! Flow through poses that focus on developing core strength and stability. All experience levels welcome.

Rise & Flow
Calling all early birds! Start your morning with a class this will invigorate your body and mind so you can begin your day with ease. All experience levels welcome.

Vinyasa Flow
This dynamic and fluid practice focuses on strength, range of motion, stability and flexibility. Each class will have a different focus (core, hamstrings, hips, etc). Modifications will be offered and all experience levels welcome.

Stretch & Move

Gentle Yoga
Our daily lives can lead to chronic problems of posture and muscular imbalances—especially now that many of us work from home. This class focuses on bringing the body and mind back into balance. We begin with purposeful and gentle movement to warm up joints and muscles, then move into poses designed to stretch, ease and relax the body. This gentle class is perfect for beginners and those who want to invite moving and stretching into their lives. All experience levels welcome.

Hatha is the yoga of balance. This class give us the opportunity to develop body-breath-mind awareness as we explore the body's full range of motion by moving through a variety of postures, breathing and relaxation techniques. All experience levels welcome.

Yoga for Empaths
Are you an empath or a highly sensitive person? Do you (sometimes) get overwhelmed in crowded yoga classes? Is it challenging to stay grounded because you have "all the feels'? Then this class is for you! Come share space with others like you where we chat about how we're feeling on all levels. Our yoga practice draws from Hatha, Yin and Restorative to create a practice to help us reconnect to our bodies, clear stagnant energy and expand our energy field. All experience levels welcome.

Yoga for Lunch
Need a mid-day break? This class is the perfect opportunity to stop away from your desk and move your body. We'll focus on releasing shoulder tension, stretching those muscles stiff from sitting and simple breathing to clear and calm the mind. Feel re-energized as you step into the rest of your day. All experience levels welcome.

Yoga for Pain Care (on hold for the summer)

This gentle yoga class combines pain science with mindful movements and breathing practices that have been proven to be effective tools in pain management.  You will gain valuable insight of your unique pain experience which will help you to move with more ease and build resiliency in your daily life. All experience levels welcome.

Yin & Restore

Known as the quiet practice, Yin yoga presents an opportunity to slow down our movements, breath and thoughts. Focusing on the joints and connecting tissues, we move through a series of longer-held, passive poses to bring nourishment to the deeper tissues of the body. All experience levels welcome.



Prenatal Yoga
Enjoy this gentle and nourishing prenatal class to feel more comfortable as pregnancy progresses and to help prepare you for birth. Learn and practice key tools to help you cope better in labour, including the yogini approach on how to breathe, move and relax.

This class is suitable for those who are new to yoga from 15 weeks right up to when your baby arrives. If you have a regular practice, you're welcome to start earlier.