Gentle & Quiet

Bedtime Yoga
Come in your pyjamas! This class is all about gentle movement and breath to rinse away your day so you can have a peaceful sleep. All experience levels and ages welcome.

Bliss Out - Guided Energetic Meditation
These powerfully guided energetic meditations will leave you connected with who you are at your core. Align heart, mind and intuition so that you can feel empowered to live a life you dream about. Each class will involve cultivating body awareness, guided meditation to shift into relaxation and energetic healing to bring clarity to your daily life.
 All experience levels welcome.

Flow & Strength

Soothing Flow
Start Monday with a combination of gentle and invigorating sequences with breath work interwoven throughout and a sound healing savasana. All experience levels welcome.

Vinyasa Flow
This dynamic and fluid practice focuses on strength, range of motion, stability and flexibility. Each class will have a different focus (core, hamstrings, hips, etc). Modifications will be offered and all experience levels welcome.

Stretch & Move

Hatha is the yoga of balance. This class give us the opportunity to develop body-breath-mind awareness as we explore the body's full range of motion by moving through a variety of postures, breathing and relaxation techniques. All experience levels welcome.

Kundalini Yoga (as taught by Yogi Bhajan)
This is a well-rounded yoga practice that incorporates breath work, postures, mantra/chanting and meditation. Kundalini Yoga is a sacred science that works on the total being, from physical to spiritual. We balance and strengthen the mind, central nervous system and glandular systems all while connecting to our higher self. All experience levels welcome.

Stress Release
Ease into your Sunday with the stress-busting combo of Hatha and Restorative Yoga. Hatha Yoga will wake up the muscles and give the body an all-over stretch. A touch of Restorative will ensure we maintain a calm mind and light heart as we make our way through the day. All experience levels welcome.

Known as the quiet practice, Yin yoga presents an opportunity to slow down our movements, breath and thoughts. Focusing on the joints and connecting tissues, we move through a series of longer-held, passive poses to bring nourishment to the deeper tissues of the body. All experience levels welcome.

Yoga for Lunch 
Need a bid-day break? This class is he perfect opportunity to stop away from your desk and move your body. We'll focus on releasing shoulder tension, stretching those muscles stiff from sitting and simple breathing to clear and calm the mind. Feel re-energized as you step into the rest of your day. All experience levels welcome.