Class Descriptions

Gentle & Supported (Facebook Cover)

Chair Yoga
Chair Yoga is one of the gentlest forms of yoga available. Move through poses to help increase balance, strength, flexibility and range of motion, all with the support of a chair and without having to get up and down from the floor. This class is ideal for those with limited range of motion, recovering from injury and those looking for a softer yoga practice. Everyone welcome, no experience required.

Gentle Yoga
Gentle yoga is perfect for people who want to try yoga for the first time or for those who are looking for a softer approach to their practice. This class will combine gentle yoga poses with breathing exercises and restorative postures to stretch and strengthen the body, reduce stress and calm the mind. All experience levels welcome.

Stretch & Move (Facebook Cover)

Hatha is the yoga of balance. This class give us the opportunity to develop body-breath-mind awareness as we explore the body's full range of motion by moving through a variety of postures, breathing and relaxation techniques. All experience levels welcome.

Happy Hips
The hips store so much emotion and tension - let’s bring them back to their happy place! Open up your hips and stretch out any tension in this hip-opening yoga practice. This class is designed to add fluidity to your movements, stretch and build strength in your hip flexors and release any built-up stress or tension in the body. All experience levels welcome.

Kundalini yoga utilizes movement, sound, breath, and meditation to relax and restore your mind and body while improving strength, flexibility, and endurance. This powerfully effective form of yoga stimulates the immune, nervous, and glandular systems, helping to bring you back into true harmony. It is a sacred and scientific technology that enables you to access and realize your own creative energy to unlock your potential and elevate your consciousness. Everyone welcome.

Mid-Week Stress Release
A slower-paced Hatha class is the perfect antidote to the Wednesday slump. We take extra time to work though postures and breathing, releasing tension from the beginning of the week. This creates a calmer mind and more relaxed body to support you through the rest of the week. All experience levels welcome.

S.O.S. (Stretch on Sundays)

Feeling stiff? You're not alone! Our daily activities can leave us feeling stiff and sore. This class is the perfect antidote and will help you get ‘unstuck’ and soften stiff joints and muscles. We’ll begin with gentle movements to warm up the body then move through stretches and yoga poses designed to stretch, ease and relax the body. All experience levels welcome.

Yoga for Lunch
Need a mid-day break? This class is the perfect opportunity to stop away from your desk and move your body. We'll focus on releasing shoulder tension, stretching those muscles stiff from sitting and simple breathing to clear and calm the mind. Feel re-energized as you step into the rest of your day. All experience levels welcome.

Yoga Explorations
Practice yoga in a way that completely honours your body. Slowing our practice down can allow space to bring peace, balance and harmony to our minds, bodies and hearts. We'll start with a soft breathing practice or meditation then explore various styles of yoga, including comfortable Hatha stretches, easy flows, some gentle yin and restorative postures. This class is particularly suitable for beginners, people who have been away from yoga for a while, people with various injuries and seniors.

Flow & Strength (Facebook Cover)

Kinda, Sorta Ashtanga
Taking inspiration from Ashtanga Yoga, this class will feature sun salutations, warriors, balance and other poses you know but not necessarily in the way they've been traditionally practiced. We're throwing out the 'rules' and playing with creative sequencing, stretch bands, blocks, dowels and very light weights. This dynamic practice will challenge your body in a fun and supportive way. All experience levels welcome. (This class begins in September)

Precision Flow
Precise alignment and breath work are fundamental in creating a sequence that is safe yet challenging for all levels. This strong but slow flow class will progressively build to a peak pose each week. Both flexibility and strength will gradually increase over time. All experience levels welcome. (This class is on vacation for the summer)

Rise & Flow
Calling all early birds! Start your morning with a class this will invigorate your body and mind so you can begin your day with ease. All experience levels welcome.

Yin & Yang Flow
This class begins with a more muscular Yang practice, as we combine breath and movement together through various flows and posture holds that build on one another. Gradually, we shift into the more cooling, passive polarity that is Yin Yoga, as we target hard-to-stretch connective tissues (ligaments, bones, and joints). Eventually, settling into more restorative poses, breathwork and meditation to help integrate our whole practice, allowing the polarities within us to return to a state of harmony and balance. Medium intensity. All experience levels welcome.(This class is on vacation for the summer)

Yin & Restore-2

Known as the quiet practice, Yin yoga presents an opportunity to slow down our movements, breath and thoughts. Focusing on the joints and connecting tissues, we move through a series of longer-held, passive poses to bring nourishment to the deeper tissues of the body. All experience levels welcome.

MB (Facebook Cover)-2

Mom & Baby Yoga
Perfect for beginners & seasoned yogis alike, this post-natal friendly class is a safe space for you to connect with not only your baby but other moms as well. Reconnecting to our bodies, we’ll find strength, flexibility and learn breathing techniques.
Come join us in an inclusive and compassionate environment where you will find space to talk, stretch & breathe! 

*Ideal for babies 6 weeks to 12 months.

Parent & Tot Yoga
Partner up with your toddler and spend time bonding on the mat as we move through breathing exercises, an animated flow, partner poses, and games for fun yoga journey.

This class will strength the child’s growing body, help with coordination, balance, and build awareness. All Caregivers are welcome!

Come join us in an inclusive and compassionate environment where you will find space to talk, stretch & breathe! 

*Ideal for tots 1 to 3 years.

FNS new cover

Cacao Ceremony with Kelly
Cacao is a delicious, warm chocolate beverage made from wild-farmed ceremonial-grade cacao. When used with intention, cacao can assist us in opening our hearts and becoming more receptive. It helps our body and mind become open to meditation, introspection, connection, and creativity. You will be guided through a ceremony that includes cacao, meditation, journaling prompts to elicit insights, and a relaxing sound bath. Everyone welcome. 

Moon Magic Reiki Meditation with Jenny
Join Jenny, aka the Mermaid Mystic, for an evening of connecting with the magic of the moon. Learn about the current phase and astrological sign of the moon, how this is impacting your life, and how you can work with it. Then relax as Jenny guides you through a meditation journey and sends you reiki healing energy. Leave feeling relaxed, connected and full of magic. Everyone welcome.

Yin Yoga & Sound Bath Experience with Isabel
Using relaxing, long yin held postures, Isabel guides into a space of the principles of: rest, regeneration, and restoring balance. Alongside the gentle sounds of crystal singing bowls bring an invitation for soothing relaxation and a space for stillness, peace and calm. This opens the possibility for tension and energy stagnation that accumulates over time to be released.The practice ends with a relaxing Gong Bath making this the ultimate wellness experience to rise your vibration and surrender to relaxation Everyone welcome.