Living Your Purpose

Saturdays, 1 - 3pm   January 15 to February 5


To live in alignment with your purpose is to honour your soul's gifts. What excites you, the lessons you've learned from challenges, and to experience fulfilment in your life. Your purpose uplifts others as well, as you honour your soul's gifts and your place in the collective. Join Jenny from Owl & Clove for a four week course in gaining clarity and confidence in what your purpose is now, how to live it, and how to share it. This will be a session will feature a combination of astrology, tarot archetypes, reiki meditations, and soul purpose coaching.

Weekly Schedule

Week 1: Excitement
What excites you is an important part of your purpose. For many of us, what truly excites us has been hidden behind what is realistic. This week, we will focus on how to recognize what excites you and how to claim it.
Week 2: Your Gifts
Everyone has different sets of talents and abilities. Some things just come more naturally to certain people. We will again go beyond what is realistic and into what is authentic, gaining clarity in your gifts.
Week 3: Your Challenges
We have all gone through challenges in life and though they may not have been fun, they can provide us with wisdom and lessons that we can share with others. We will discuss how these lessons can help you and can help others.
Week 4: Putting it all Together
With this information, we will put this all together and create a plan that will help you gain clarity about the current expression of your purpose, how to feel confident in it, and an action plan for the next steps forward.