The Balanced Empath - session schedule

Join Kyra on Sundays, 11:00am to 1:00pm, to explore may facets of being an empath. Each class will include discussion, opportunities to share experiences and wisdom and a combination of yoga, breath and meditation.

Session runs from November 8 to December 20. Please note there is no class on November 15. 

Week One - The Empathic Sorting Hat
Many introverts are highly sensitive people (HSP). Many HSPs are empaths. Many empaths identify with more than one empathic type. And many empaths have clair and/or psychic abilities. WHEW! When you put all that together, you get one very complex individual.

When we know what type of empath we are and what ability(ies) we have, our world begins to make so much more sense. This first class is all about sharing our experiences, exploring what we know and gaining new insights about our empathic selves.

Week Two - Clearing & Grounding
One of the superpowers of an empath is the ability to pick up on the energy of other people, creatures, plants and the earth itself. This makes us very in-tuned to our surroundings. However, this can also be our kryptonite. When we take on the energies of others, we begin to lose our sense of self. What feelings are yours and what belong to someone else can get very muddled.

Becoming grounded is the key to becoming a balanced empath. In this class, we will explore techniques to clear our energy fields using breath, movement and meditation to bring balance to our bodies, minds and souls.

Week Three - Mindfulness & Meditation
Getting quiet allows us space for thoughts and emotions to settle and become grounded. We can reconnect with our selves on a deep level and find balance. There is no one way to meditate and it can be different every time.

We will be joined by Andrea Jones of Videri Health as she shares with us just what mediation is, how it can help and guide us through different types of meditation.

Week Four - Catching Your Breath
When was the last time you took a long, deep, mindful breath? A breath with full intention? Breathing is fundamentally important to all creatures and empaths are no exception. When we are experience strong energies, it can literally take our breath away.

Working with soothing Restorative Yoga poses and different breathing techniques, we’ll learn about the physical, emotional and energetic aspects of breath.

Week Five - Exploring Movement
As empaths, we spend a lot of our time taking care of others. Helping is our prime directive and gives us a tremendous sense of fulfillment. Because being an empath is more about our emotional and spiritual selves, we forget that our physical bodies need attention too. Quite often we become detached from the mundane plane and spend our time in the emotional and spiritual realms.

Moving through a variety of yoga poses, we’ll reconnect with the physicality of our human form and create a solid, grounded foundation.

Week Six - Roll the Bones
Yin Yoga is known as the quiet practice. It is also a practice that works the deep tissues of the body, including the bones and the fascia. Working with the idea that we hold ‘issues in our tissues’, we’ll explore the practice of Yin Yoga and how this inherently meditative practice can help us to ponder the interplay of the physical and energetic bodies. It also gives us the opportunity to feel into our own emotions and the reactions to them.