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Yin Yoga & Sound BAth Experience with Isabel

Using relaxing, long yin held postures, Isabel will guide you into a space of the principles of rest, regeneration, and restoring balance. Alongside the gentle sounds of crystal singing bowls, this brings an invitation for soothing relaxation and a space for stillness, peace and calm. It opens the possibility for tension and energy stagnation that accumulates over time to be released.

Ending your practice with a relaxing Gong Bath, this is the ultimate wellness experience to rise your vibration & surrender to relaxation . Everyone welcome.

Friday, January 21    8pm        $40

Cacao Ceremony with Kelly

Gathering in ceremony is comforting and grounding; it is a missing element from our modern lives that is deeply nourishing. With the loving guidance of the Spirit of Cacao, we will explore the season's theme of Love.

It is an opportunity to shift into greater alignment with your Authentic Self. Within a sacred container of honouring, we have the opportunity for growth. You will be supported with powerful coaching techniques designed to help give voice to your Soul's calling and guided through creating an action plan to download their inspired vision into their lives.

We end the evening with a 45-minute sound bath, designed to shift energy. Sound is a practical tool that promotes nervous system regulation and deep relaxation. I'm joined by Derek Brandschwei as a second sound bath practitioner to create a truly unique and powerful soundscape. Everyone welcome.

Friday, February 4    8pm        $75

Moon Magic reiki & Mediation with Jenny

Join Jenny, aka the Mermaid Mystic, for an evening of connecting with the magic of the moon. Learn about the current phase and astrological sign of the moon, how this is impacting your life, and how you can work with it. Then relax as Jenny guides you through a meditation journey and sends you reiki healing energy. Leave feeling relaxed, connected and full of magic. Everyone welcome. Everyone welcome. Available in-studio and online.

Friday, February 11    8pm        $40