Well suited to those actively engaged in self-discovery, this evening will include a sound bath meditation to regulate the nervous system into a deeply relaxed state.

Cacao is a master plant medicine and a delicious, warm chocolate beverage that has been used in ceremony for thousands of years. When used with intention, cacao can assist us in opening our hearts and becoming more receptive to insights and our ultimate truth.

Kelly Gray has had her own extensive healing journey and is a generational trauma cycle-breaker. Kelly Gray is a certified Life Coach registered with the International Coaching Federation. She is also a certified meditation teacher, cacao facilitator, and gender-inclusive group facilitator. Kelly will be returning from an intensive plant medicine dieta with ayahuasca in May 2022.

8pm       June 24

Join Jenny, aka the Mermaid Mystic, for an evening of guided meditation, reiki, and moon magic.  Learn about the current phase and astrological sign of the moon, how this is impacting your life, and how you can work with it. Then relax as Jenny guides you through a meditation journey and sends you reiki healing energy. Leave feeling relaxed, connected and full of magic. Everyone welcome. Everyone welcome.

8pm        July 8 & August 5 

Using relaxing, long yin held postures and the gentle sounds of crystal singing bowls, you will be guided into a space to rest, regenerate and restore balance. This invitation for soothing relaxation and a space for stillness, peace and calm opens the possibility for tension and energy stagnation that to be released.

End your practice with a relaxing Gong Bath to raise your vibration and surrender to relaxation.

Please note this class is on vacation until September.