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I am very passionate about yoga, both the physical practice and beyond. The body is an amazing system that has the ability to heal itself but often needs support from the outside and I believe that yoga is part of that healing system for the soul, mind and body. Having my own yoga studio helps to fulfill my vision of making yoga accessible to every body. There is no one size fits all - we are all individuals with individual needs. I'm also a huge believer in community. Humans thrive when they are part of a community of like-minded people. Welcome to our community.

~ Kyra

Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success ~ Henry Ford

Meet Our Teachers


Kyra Kubrak

500-hour RYT

My approach to yoga is to be sensitive of the body, heart, and mind. By simply coming to our mats and breathing consciously, perhaps working with postures and perhaps not, we can begin to create a space where we feel safe and calm. When we can be more focused and start to let go of the world beyond our mat (even for just 5 minutes), we can begin to inhabit ourselves – not just passively noticing our breath and body but really feeling our breath and body. Then slowly we learn to how to take the feelings we create on the mat, off the mat and out into the world.


Christy Gallagher

200-hour RYT

Coming to her mat has always been a source of peace, contentment and strength for Christy. Nurturing those qualities outside of the studio is what she believes is fundamental to her life. Having experienced illness and injury has deepened Christy's practice, ushering in empowerment through healing the mind, body and soul. It’s through this exploration that she’s gained the insights and inspiration to share with others.
After 10 years of yoga practice, Christy completed her 200-hour Teacher Training through the SATTVA School of Yoga in Calgary.

Emily Finna

200-hour RYT

I believe this practice has always been patiently waiting for me to find it and when we finally made contact it felt like answering a very deep call that had always been there. It did not take long for me to dive in wholly and completely and since then yoga and meditation have been the centre of my life’s work and inspiration.
Yoga is a privilege to share because it bridges sensitivity and its silver linings, empowering people in the most honest and loving way by encouraging them to honour themselves where they are at. We are all undergoing growth and development at all times, and I am inspired to support you along the way!


Janine Hebert

500-hour RYT

With specializations in trauma sensitive [ts] yoga, restorative yoga, pain care yoga, myofascial release, and kids yoga, Janine aims to create accessible, inclusive, and safer classes for all bodies and ability levels through awareness, continual learning, language, and sequencing. They are currently studying psychology and yoga therapy. Janine loves to read, drink tea, spend time in nature, and looks forward to meeting you!


Kevin Gaudet

200-hour RYT

For Kevin, yoga is the practice of life. It provides the method, training ground and reality for fully and consciously moving through the world, for encountering all of life's twists and turns with grace, intelligence, and respect. To have the opportunity to develop precision and discrimination as this reflection is observed is something Kevin intends to make the most of and one he feels all should have equal access to put to practice. He enjoys communicating his contemplations and reflections in a variety of posture class types--foundations, restorative, dynamic--each having their own unique value for self-discovery. His specialty is combining gongs and other instruments to create soundbaths, which are combined with the practice of yoga nidra and meditation.

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Sophia Ocean

200-hour RYT

Growing up in the heart of Wales, Sophia has dedicated much of her time to exploring healing arts and music around the world. Originally trained as a professional dancer in London, she moved to Edmonton to complete her Holistic Health Practitioner Certification at Grant MacEwan University. Always on the move, Sophia completed her yoga teacher training in India and later studied in Thailand and Nicaragua for tantric wisdom. She also studied as a shamanic apprentice in Peru.  Sophia completed her Permaculture Design Certification and Earth Activist Training at O.U.R Ecovillage with StarHawk and Charles Williams. You can now find her in Edmonton where she offers regular yoga classes, personal coaching, cacao ceremonies, ritual healing massage, workshops and music.
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Julius Jones & his Bones

Skeleton Extraordinaire

Like many of us, Julius has an injury that informs his yoga practice. Ever adaptable and adventurous, he enjoys the occasional handstand and ice cream cone. Julius is here to help with any questions you have about the bony body.



Organ Master

Did you know that 60% of your lung capacity is in the back body? Or that the word 'spleen' comes from Ancient Greek and means good hearted or compassionate? M'Organ has the answers to these questions and any others you may have about the body's organs.