Pop-Up Market

Saturday, November 2

2:00 - 6:00pm


Stop by the studio and enjoy a peaceful and cozy space where you can check out products made with love and intention. Need a gift or two? This is the perfect opportunity to get a jump on your holiday shopping and support local makers and artists. Enjoy a cup of yogi tea or punch and have a snack or two as you wander around our little space.

Always, Amanda

Two friends, Amanda and Amanda, lovingly hand make beautiful bracelets and necklaces using a mixture of gemstones, crystals, wood, and glass. We have products made purely for fashion (like our sparkle bracelets), others made with energetic and healing properties in mind (check our chakra bracelets and mala-style necklaces), and some beauties for the sports enthusiast or athlete.
Whether you're looking for a specific gemstone for its energetic and healing properties or just want to add some extra style to your life, Always, Amanda will have something you'll love.
FB: @AlwaysAmandaJewelry
IG: @AlwaysAmandaJewelry

Blissful Bags

Blissful Bags Kyra and Glenda are yoga instructors in Edmonton who are passionate about the health of the mind, body and spirit. Keenly aware of societal and environmental stresses, they are striving to make their corner of the world a better place. With care and love, they handcraft products for your body and spirit that are made with 100% love, intention and naturally-sourced ingredients.

Christa Chapman

Through various approaches to acrylic and mixed mediums Christa Chapman’s paintings inspire the viewer to focus on personal intentions, mantras and aspirations that enable personal growth and evolution of the mind, body and spirit. BFA/BEd

Fusion by Dalia

Fusion by Dalia creates unique visual art and home decor using fused glass and other materials such as metal. The unique combination of the transparency of glass, the rich sheen of metals along side vibrant colors, all culminate in to original pieces of art. Incorporating the influence of various cultures and showcasing individuality, these special pieces will turn your home into artistic experience!

Videri Health

Andrea from Videri Health has a special offering for the Highlands Yoga Room pop-up! 20 minute chair reiki sessions to relax and ground. Specifically created to treat body, mind and spirit. New to energy healing? This is a great opportunity to experience this versatile treatment for yourself.