Reiki - the Universal Healing Energy

Reiki is a gentle and safe energetic healing modality that brings harmony to the body, mind and spirit. Also known as universal healing energy, it increases our vibrational frequency which helps us to feel more grounded, centred and calm.

Why Reiki

Reiki Treatment

Reiki works on different levels - energetic, emotional, mental and physical. It releases blocked and imbalanced energy in the chakras. It is also a beautiful complement to traditional western medicine.
The benefits of receiving reiki energy are many and include decreased stress, calming an anxious mind, better sleep, dissolves energy blockages, feeling more grounded, creative inspiration and a deepening of your spiritual connection.

Using the loving energy of reiki and her intuitive and unique healing wisdom, Kyra will create a a safe and sacred healing space for you to experience the healing and quiet power of this universal energy.

Treatments can be experienced in-person or by distance.