Reiki - the Universal Healing Energy

Reiki is a gentle and safe energetic healing modality that brings harmony to the body, mind and spirit. It also balances the chakras and repairs tears in the auric fields. Also known as universal healing energy, it increases our vibrational frequency which helps us to feel more grounded, centred and calm.

Why Reiki

Reiki I - Energy Healing for the Self

Reiki is a gentle, safe and nonintrusive energy healing technique that can you can channel to bring your emotions, mind, physical and energetic bodies into balance and harmony.

In addition to learning all about reiki and its benefits, we’ll discuss and explore how we sense energy, tune into our 'clair' abilities, learn about the 7 major chakras and how to use a pendulum. A pendulum is included with your registration.

After being attuned to this universal healing energy, you will learn the hand positions for channeling reiki to yourself. This training is very experiential and will include plenty of time to practice. There will also be a group healing session given by Kyra. Everyone welcome.

No group offerings at this time. If you'd like a private training, let us know.

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Reiki I was the beginning of journey that may have felt exciting and charged with self-discovery, growth, new experiences and a sense of connecting with cosmic energy. Or, it may have left you feeling unsure, skeptical and maybe doubting your possibilities as a healer. You may have practiced diligently, a little bit or not at all. Don’t worry! The ability to channel reiki will never go away and our connection can always be reignited. 

Working with reiki is like learning a language: it takes time to learn the vocabulary and grammatical nuances. This training will deepen your energy connection with an attunement for using symbols to amplify the flow of reiki and to give reiki over distance and across time and space. We’ll learn how to give reiki to people, animals, plants and other objects with lots of time to practice. There will also be a group healing session given by Kyra. Everyone welcome.

Prerequisite: Reiki 1

Saturday, March 18              9am-5pm                    $210

If you have been previously attuned to Reiki II symbols and would like a refresh, contact us for a 25% discount.