Reiki - the Universal Healing Energy

Reiki is a gentle and safe energetic healing modality that brings harmony to the body, mind and spirit. Also known as universal healing energy, it increases our vibrational frequency which helps us to feel more grounded, centred and calm.

Why Reiki

Reiki Treatment

The benefits of receiving reiki energy are many and include decreased stress, calming for an anxious mind, better sleep, balanced chakra energy, feeling more grounded, creative inspiration and a deepening of your spiritual connection.

Using the loving energy of reiki and her intuitive and unique healing wisdom, Kyra will create a a safe and sacred healing space for you to experience the healing and quiet power of this universal energy.

Treatments can be given in-person or by distance. Please get in touch to arrange your reiki session.

Reiki Sharing Circle

As practitioners, it's important for us to take the time to not only practice channeling reiki energy but also to connect with other healers. A Reiki circle gives us the opportunity to gather in a safe space to talk about energy healing, our experiences, to practice reiki on each other and/or to concentrate and direct the group’s healing energy toward a particular person, group of people situation or place.

All who are attuned Level I or higher are welcome. 


Last Friday of the month

Upcoming Trainings

Reiki Level II with Kyra

Continuing the reiki journey, we’ll deepen our energy connection with an attunement for using symbols to amplify the flow of reiki and to give reiki over distance. We'll also chat about about how to practice reiki professionally. And of course, we’ll spend lots of time offering reiki to each other to hone our practice and learn how to use our ‘clair’ abilities to enhance our skills.

Prerequisite: Reiki I. 

Friday, October 21 6-9pm

Saturday, October 22 10am-5pm