Workshops and special classes are a great way to dive deeper into the expansive world of yoga, reiki and magic.
Tarot & Poetry: Languages of the Soul with Jenny

Tarot has been embraced for centuries as a method of divination, of communicating with the divine. Today, many read tarot to help them understand themselves and their path. Poetry uses words, structures, imagery, and various other techniques to express what is in our heart and soul. 

Join Jenny as she guides you through an afternoon of exploring the language of tarot and poetry to help you both recognize and express the magic in your heart and soul

No poetry or tarot experience is required, only curiosity, a pen and a journal  Everyone welcome.

Saturday, June  18      2:00 - 4:00pm         $50

Discovering Dragons with Sheri

Are you dragon curious? Perhaps you notice dragons in the world around you in memes, books, jewelry or figurines?

Not just creatures of fantasy, dragons are celestial beings here to guide us as we shift and flow. Just like angels and spirit guides, we all have a dragon guide we can connect to, a dragon that moves with us through this journey we call life. 

Join Us As Your Dragon Awaits!

Together with the ancient dragons we will take a meditative journey to the dragon realm to meet your dragon guide(s). Yes! you may have more than one. And we’ll awaken the 12 chakras and explore your connection within the realm of dragons.

There will be time after the meditation to connect, ask questions and receive loving guidance. Everyone welcome.

Saturday, June  25      1:30 - 4:00pm         $55