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Hi, I'm Kyra. You may know me as the owner of Highlands Yoga Room or as one of its awesome teachers. But what you may not know is that I am an empath. On the empath spectrum, I'm very strong in the emotional department, have deep ties to the earth and plants and am developing my physical empathic abilities. While I have been an empath my whole life, it's only recently that I became fully aware what exactly it was that made me feel "different" from most other people. As I dive deeper into what it means to be an empath, life has become easier in many ways. While it is an on-going process, embracing my empathic self is allowing me to step fully into who I am and how I can use my gifts and abilities to support others.

So, what is an empath, exactly? Is it the same as empathy? The short answer is no. All people are capable of empathy or the ability to identify with the feelings of another. Now take this ability to the nth degree. Not only do empaths identify with the feelings of others, they actually feel them as if they were their own and absorb them into their own energy field.If this sounds like you, there’s a really good chance you’re an empath. Empaths are more aware and more sensitive to others and the world around them than the average person. This may seem unbelievable or unlikely but it’s estimated that 1 to 2% of the population has empathic abilities. If you're not sure, take the little quiz below. If you answer YES! to at least half of the questions, you are definitely an empath.
As empaths we often feel bombarded, confused and depleted from the energy around us. We can experience tiredness, moodiness and illness that most people just don't understand - often we don't understand it ourselves! But it doesn't have to be this way.

A community for empaths

Breath, yoga and meditation can bring peace to your highly sensitive soul. So does a community where we feel we belong, are supported with love and grace and can share our stories. To this end, I have created a 7-week session to guide and support people on their journey down the empath. During our time together, you will have the space to learn about and explore what it means to be an empath and the unique gifts that come with it. Each class will use the wisdom of yoga, reiki and other wholeness modalities to give you tools, tips and tricks to support you body, mind and spirit. You can view the class descriptions hereEmpaths and yoga practitioners of all experience levels are welcome.

Session runs Saturdays, 1:00 - 4:00pm, October 16 to November 27.

Still not sure if you're an empath? If you answer "YES!" to 6 or more of these questions, you're definitely an empath. Even if you answer yes to 3 to 5 of the questions, you're well on your way developing your empathic nature. Regardless, you are most welcome to the club; I'm so excited you're here.

You struggle with boundaries. It’s challenging to know what’s yours and what belongs to another.

You are a helper or a healer. You give of yourself more than you give to yourself.

You are expressive through words or actions or creativity.

You’re often ungrounded and not fully present in your body.

You are a sponge, taking on the emotions or physical sensations of others and/or you feel when there are ‘big’ events (fires, plane crashes, etc.) happening anywhere on earth.

You feel depleted after talking to or being around negative or ungrounded people.

You’re prone to nervous system overdrive. It doesn’t take much - sometimes just a draining conversation or a party that’s loud and overpopulated. You can feel drained and/or disoriented.

Love relationships can be INTENSE. You feel deeply and merge yourself with another which gives you a an emotional high but is also very draining. When a relationship ends, feelings of devastation are almost unbearable.

You get sick easily or develop an illness that allopathic doctors cannot explain. When you clear your energy field and are balanced, the illness ‘disappears’.

You enjoy spending time alone. You feel an almost immediate sense of peace and ease when there are no other people around.

You don’t feel good in loud or noisy places.

Listening to music or watching tv/movies brings out the feels.