Yin 101

Saturday, September 14

1:00 - 4:00pm


Curious about Yin Yoga? Ever wanted to learn more about your bones, joints and connecting tissues? Intrigued by how this practice not only improves energy flow but also offers amazing mental and emotional benefits too?

We will explore the many aspects of Yin yoga - from the physical structure of bones and range of motion to breath work to an explorative practice.

This workshop is perfect for those with little or no Yin experience or those who want to get to know their practice a little more.

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Sound of Source - Sound Bath

Saturday, September 28

2:30 - 4:30pm


Sound of Source is an on-going workshop series facilitated by SATTVA yoga teacher and sound experimentalist Kevin Gaudet.

The practice includes a slow flow of postures and breathing techniques to unwind the body and unblock energy flow. This is followed by dedicated breath work and relaxation, using guidance inspired by yoga nidra to leave you open and receptive to a deep sound bath experience wherein we can explore the question: "Where does your practice come from?"

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