Workshops and special classes are a great way to dive deeper into the expansive world of yoga, reiki and magic.
Sound Bath & Yoga Nidra with Isabel

A healing Reiki-infused sound bath and Yoga Nidra designed to bring you to a state of deep relaxation and vibrational harmony. Quartz singing bowls, Koshi chimes, rain sticks and more will relax every cell of your body and take you on an introspective journey within. Everyone welcome.

Friday, December 3      8pm


Painting with Daniela - Exploring the art of Lawren Harris & the Group of 7

We will be painting a winter landscape of your choosing and transforming it into the style of Lawren Harris. As we paint, we'll delve into how the group of seven developed and what they represented in Canadian Art History.

All materials provided. No previous painting experience required.

Sunday, December 19      1-4pm


Belief Boards with Kelly Ann

Our lives are run 95% by our subconscious and the subconscious is very visual. When we can consciously desire and make it visual, the subconscious believes it is possible and our action follows. If we can dream it, we can believe it, and therefore, we can create it.

Our desire is the ask, the Universe manifests it in the most magical and miraculous ways and then we allow it and receive it. Kelly Ann has proven this over and over again by creating visions on 11 belief boards a reality.

Kelly Ann Vass is a Heal Your Life® workshop teacher and life coach and Law of Attraction Life Coach certified by Quantum Success Coaching Academy.

Saturday, January 8      1:00 - 4:30pm


Confidence & Clarity in Your Purpose with Jenny

To live in alignment with your purpose is to honour your soul's gifts. What excites you, the lessons you've learned from challenges and to experience fulfilment in your life. Your purpose uplifts others as well, as you honour your soul's gifts and your place in the collective.

Join Jenny for a four week course in gaining clarity and confidence in what your purpose is now, how to live it and how to share it. This session will feature a combination of astrology, tarot archetypes, reiki meditations and soul purpose coaching.

Saturdays, Jan. 15 to Feb. 5      1:00 - 3:00pm